About me

My name is Bertrand Bordage, I was born in 1989.


I’m a freelance developer in Rouen, France. I mainly build web applications for french public institutions such as the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the universities of Rouen & Montpellier III.

Two projects I build and maintain since 2011: Dezède and Criminocorpus.


I love Python, its simplicity, its readability, its ecosystem.

Since I’m perfectionist, I like to optimize my code (in terms of both performance and readability) and choose wisely my dependencies. This blog was started to share my findings.

As a web developer, I of course have to use another language. A terrible one. Let’s not talk about it and pretend it never existed.

Sometimes, I also code in Cython or C, especially when I use OpenGL.

In the past, I used Scheme and Z80 assembly.


I also love baroque music. I sing arias and play harpsichord & organ whenever I can.

Le Poème Harmonique is by far my favorite ensemble. If you don’t understand french, listen to one of their discs: Nova metamorfosi, Il Fásolo ?, or Aux marches du palais. You’ll probably weep from bliss. Otherwise, I also advise you to watch their outstanding reconstitution of Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Molière & Lully.