I’m Bertrand, the creator of django-cachalot.

It’s been 5 months since I started this project, and it’s now ready for a safe production use. However, I want cachalot to be perfect.

That’s why I just uploaded to PyPI a release candidate for cachalot 1.0.0. I need your help to test it.

You can even earn 30 € by reporting an invalidation issue! But you have to be quick: 1.0.0 will be released 15 March 2015 if no invalidation issue is found.

I need you to:

  1. install cachalot on your development server
  2. open a page of your project where you use a complex query
  3. change something that should change the displayed result of the complex query
  4. refresh the page with the complex query to see if the displayed result has changed as expected
  5. if not, create a new GitHub issue with a minimal example, and I’ll send you 30 € if I or someone else can reproduce the bug


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